Stupid,Stupid,Stupid.. .

I can’t breathe. My heart is breaking. I made a huge mistake. My life is over. No joy, no will to live!!!

The curse of being an over Thinker. Stupidly thinking & convincing myself of things I know aren’t real. Things I know are stupid. Reacting unnecessarily to something that is only in my Stupid,Stupid mind!! Knowing it’s only in my mind but still doing stupid things. Things that I hate myself for doing, things that don’t make me feel good at all. Not realizing how he would hurt, not realizing how much he really loves me.

Hating myself!! No longer wanting to go on. Destroying the only good thing in my life!! Destroying the only thing worth living for!!!

I feel like a waste, not worth anything. How can I be when I destroy the BEST thing of my life?? The sweetest, most incredible man.

I’ve lost everything!!! My heart & soul. Stupid, Stupid over thinking!!!




  1. aparna12 says:

    Don’t lose your heart. Behind every dark clouds there’s a silver lining, Everything will turn out fine.


    1. JSC says:

      Thank you so much.


      1. I can relate to what your saying & feeling, I went through
        the same feelings myself back in the day, but it’s not the
        end, nor is life over, you just have to get things in order.

        There’s a lot of people who have bad thoughts & go
        through bad patches in life but where there’s a will
        God always gives us a way, that’s what life is about.


        1. JSC says:

          Thank you. Yes, I’m not giving up. There is much to live for. I know I am strong enough to fight through and work it out. The support of you and others helps – thank you.


          1. You welcome, your right, There is much to live for. & there’s plenty to look forward to, you
            just have to put your mind in the right place.


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