Have you noticed that right before you are about to manifest something your life gets really shitty? You could have a falling out with friends or work people. Get fired from your job, or your car will break down over & over………. it’s really as simple as this…….

If you are asking for a new life, you can’t keep your old one. If you are manifesting a new car or job. The universe will hear you and what the universe will do is come in and totally destroy the job or car you have so you will have no choice but to move forward into what you are asking for.

If the friends you currently have are drinking and partying all the time and it doesn’t align with you. The universe will definitely come in and mess it up totally. You will probably have a falling out and move to people you do align with.

Saying it gets worse before it gets better is often true. Your life might suck for a little bit but, you just need to breathe through the chaos and trust that what you want is coming.

Don’t stress and lose your mind – take aligned action, it’s not going to happen on it’s own with flowers and rainbows. You Have to put in the work or the universe will put in the work for you. Work with the univers made it won’t be so shitty.

Take care and remember the universe always hears you good or bad. Whatever you say over and over amd think orver and over is manifesting – be it good or bad. So take care of your thoughts and words. What you think and say is you manifesting into or out of your life.

Take care sweet souls. Think and talk good into your life!


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  1. Wow ! you are SO SPOT ON, how is it said
    “if you want something bad enough you can
    make it happen” & I have always done that.

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