Slowly killing her emotionally, slowly killing the relationship…

He’s in a committed relationship, he loves her dearly. Tells her she is his everything, his life.

Even though he loves her and is happy with her he still does sexting with other women. Causing her to feel disrespected, questioning her worth.

Surely if she is good enough for him like he says, surely if he loves her and is happy with her he would not need to even chat to other women never mind the sexting.

Why be in a commited relationship when he still needs to do that? Be single then he can have as many women as he’d like, do whatever he wants with them. It kills her knowing he does that, realizing with a very sore heart that he will never stop. Making her feel very betrayed and very disrespected. She loves him more than she thought possible, can’t leave him but is sad and hurts everyday knowing he will never stop doing it, knowing he does it everyday when he’s alone.

Why does he need other women when he has her? When he says she is everything he could ever want. When he says she is beautiful and sexy and loves her and her body? If that is the truth then Why??? It makes absolutely no sense!!! She does anything he wants sexually, never denies him. So why????

What makes a man or women do that when they are in a loving, commited relationship??? Why??

Do they not see how disrespectful and deceitful it is? How do they not see that that is being unfaithful?? How much it hurts!! There should be absolutely no chatting, no exchange of numbers, most definitely no sexting whatsoever with the oposite sex – no matter what the reason!! No reason at all is good enough to do that – NOTHING!!!

Slowly slowly her heart breaks everyday. She cries everyday when no-one can see. Her heart aching, questioning her worth, questioning everything. Even with all that she can’t stop loving him., he is her world, her everything, her life……

A love like that he will NEVER find! A more committed, devoted person he will never meet. So why????

He says he always comes home to her, he is with her, she is the only one he wants, he chooses her and will always choose her – not seeming to understand that him doing that breaks her heart, makes her feel disrespected, cheated on, makes her question her worth. Hurting everyday. Not realizing that what he does is extremely disrespectful, extremely deceiving and actually cheating. Such betrayal!!! It makes her so sad.

Sadly this is happening in so many relationships. Either partner cheating and being deceitful and disrespectful like that, not thinking there is anything wrong with it because after all they love their partner and are with their partners – thinking that makes it better. No! It doesn’t! Deceit is deceit, disrespecting your partner, being unfaithful – no matter how it is done is so so wrong! Sadly in the end that is what kills the relationship not falling out of love, no – feeling disrespected, feeling hurt, being betrayed over and over again – that is what kills that relationship.

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