Step back…..

Take a step back from life,from all your thoughts, beliefs,emotions- everything. Let the universe do what it does best. Look at your life with new eyes,as if it’s someone else’s life. Look at the people in you life – really Look. Look at the way your life is going. Look at everything around you with new eyes.

The constant worry & anxiety about things you can’t change. Feeling drained trying to control things knowing you can’t. Knowing very well that no matter what – things are as they should be & will always be as they should be no matter what you try,no matter how many tears you cry or sleepless nights you endure,no matter how many times you fight,beg or crawl. What will be will be.

You give,you love,you try understand. You shake with emotions, tears running down your cheeks. Uncontrollable, hurting,anxiety. Sleepless nights, fear,maddening thoughts. I will control, I will make things the way I want. No, not like that – like this. No……..

No matter what you try – what is meant to be will be! So give up control,let it go. Let the universe & all that it is – bring together what is truly meant to be. Let all the puzzle pieces fall into place the way they want,the way they should. Let them go where they need to, life will slowly be bright again. You will see.

You are destined for immeasurable love. Destined to have good people in your life. Destined to be someone’s only one,someone’s everything.

Give up the reigns,take back your energy. Let the universe & all it’s made of do your bidding, fill your life.