So today I have a huge challenge in front of me. I have been asked to help a lady who is a pensioner return a hex and various other things back to her ex husband and a Sangoma.

This has had me thinking – why would you marry someone, get divorced after many,many,many years of marriage and want to cause her so much pain and fear??

Why would you go so far as to get a Sangoma involved, especially because she is a frail old lady who can’t do any harm to anyone? What would make you go so far?

So sad!! You loved each other once and spent most of your life together, surely there is still some feelings and concern for each other.

Tonight I start my preparation to help her. First work on myself and protect myself then start. I looked at a photo of this lady and all I see is intense sadness. My heart broke for her, there is no light in her eyes.

A friend did a house clearing for her and saw weird little things running around causing havoc in the lady’s house (the lady can’t see them), I can just imagine how scared she is. It’s one thing to hate someone and wish them bad it’s a totally different thing when you start using hexes and curses.

What makes you think you can cause so much fear for anyone?

Remember Karma ALWAYS works. Whatever you give out you will get back 3 x fold.

Please love and take care of each other and if you can’t wish them well in their life and stay away and concentrate on your own life.


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