When is enough enough????

I have this friend who has had abuse her whole life. She wollows in self pity and gets drunk everyday. She has two girls – one 14 the other 8. They see this everyday.

I understand and have been there for her no matter what, any time day or night. I have held her while she cried many many times. I have given her advice and picked her up.

I get her emotions and state of mind, I also come from a history of abuse. However I believe your past does not define you. You need to move forward no matter what, especially when you have children.

Today however I had enough, we had the biggest fight. She was so drunk she couldn’t stand. So I asked her to eat a little so she can get sober before driving home because she has her two precious girls in the car. She refused and said stupid things like who cares she leaves the girls to me and she is done. She carried on and on about how useless she is and how she gives up and the girls are better off without her. I got so so angry, the girls hear and see this. I get she is an emotional and mental mess but, seriously… So I totally lost my temper.


Those girls have been through enough!! Putting their lives at risk because she wants to wallow in self pity is not on!! I have had enough of her doing that!!! I am fuming!!

Almost that because I asked her to eat something to sober up so her amd her girls would get home safely.

I honestly don’t know what to do fornher anymore. My heart totally breaks for her and especially the girls this is not right!!!

If anyone has some advice I’d appreciate it. I’m broken and lost as to what to do for them.

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